S u r r o u n d i n g s

Beaches and art cities

Having a great location in a strategical point, the Bed & Breakfast LE MAREE gives you the possibility to visite the most beautifull beaches and art Cities from the Southern – East point of the island.


The beach of “Carratois” is situated 10 km away from the centre of Marzamemi. It’s a very long beach extended until “Punto Rio”. A soft, fine sand and clear, not deep water, with bathing facilities (like kiosks - bars, sun loungers and umbrellas) makes Carratois one of the favorite destination for tourist and local people.

Isola delle Correnti

The “Isola Delle Correnti” is a small island of Sicily, situated on the Ionic sea coast, on the territory of Portopalo, extended on aproximatly 1000 m2 and maximum 4m high from the sea level. It is connected to land by an artificial arm, that was destroyed several times by the waves. When the low tide transforms the island into a peninsula, it represents the southern extreme point of the Sicilian island. Decades ago in the lighthouse situated on this small island used to live the lighthouse keeper with his family. From 1987 the island is considered a natural reserve.

Beach of San Lorenzo

This beach is characterized by a very fine, clear, almost white sand and a clean, cristal clear water.


Fonte Video: DOCUSUD] Is situated in the south east corner of the island in the provice of Siracusa, between Noto and Marzamemi.It is visited each year by thousands of migrating birds thanks to the numerous lagoons from the reserve.The traces of the human life in this places are represented by the archeological settlements like an ancient tuna fishery or the Torre Sveva, a 15th century tower and a cluster of fishermen’s houses.

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